When I look back just a month ago to March 3rd, I am struck by how much my world has changed in the space of a month. There were less than 100,000 cases worldwide and now there are over 1,000,000. I was still seeing clients in person and discontinued that by the end of that first week and moved towards video conference and phone sessions. We had a tradesperson come to our home to give us an estimate on a bathroom reno. We were focused on what type of flooring would be best. What counter tops would be best. It seems like a year ago not a month.

I continue to be moved by how well our community pulling together and supporting one another through this and feel grateful to witness this. Clients who struggle with anxiety and depression are reaching out for support and tapping into inner resources that they did not know they had. I continue to encourage people to establish healthy routines, be gentle on themselves and their families, and to know that fear in the face of such uncertainty is not a sign of weakness but rather a very valid human response. It is okay to grieve for things that we have lost as well as hold gratitude for what we still have. Please let me know if I can be of support to you or your family during this difficult time.